Ed Zulkoski, B.S.

Ed Zulkoski
Ph.D. Student
Email: ezulkosk@#REMOVEME#gsd#REMOVEME TOO#.uwaterloo(NONSENSE).ca
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B.S., Mathematics and Computer Science, Wilkes University



Current Projects

  •    Using automated algorithm configurators such as SMAC to synthesize competitive SMT strategies.
  •    Investigating CAS-SAT combinations. Designed a tool (MathCheck) that was used to verify two conjectures over hypercubes beyond previously known bounds.

Past Projects

  • ClaferSMT -- a full translation of the Clafer modeling language to SMT. Improved performance primarily for numeric operations.
  • Optimizing Alloy for Multi-objective Optimization of SPLs -- Applied formula rewrite techniques within the Kodkod solver, reducing the number of integer atoms to solve SPL optimization problems.
  •    Exact Parallel Multi-Objective Combinatorial Optimization -- Defined and implemented several algorithms for exact MCOP solving, using off-the-shelf SMT solvers. 




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Guo, J., E. Zulkoski, R. Olaechea, D. Rayside, K. Czarnecki, S. Apel, and J. M. Atlee, "Scaling Exact Multi-Objective Combinatorial Optimization by Parallelization", 29th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), Västerås, Sweden, ACM, to appear, 2014. [pdf][pdf]
Murashkin, A., L S. Azevedo, J. Guo, E. Zulkoski, J. Liang, K. Czarnecki, and D. Parker, "Automated Decomposition and Allocation of Automotive Safety Integrity Levels Using Exact Solvers", SAE 2015 World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, Michigan, USA, SAE, 04/2015.
Zulkoski, E., V. Ganesh, and K. Czarnecki, "MathCheck: A Math Assistant based on a Combination of Computer Algebra Systems and SAT Solvers", International Conference on Automated Deduction, Berlin, Germany, Springer, 08/2015. [pdf][pptx]