Current Tools

Insert your CDL model (in IML format) in the text area below, click on Translate and you will get corresponding Clafer model in the bottom text area.

The source code is available on github.

CDL Tools is a tool suite for analyzing variability models written in the CDL language. CDL is part of eCos, an Open Source embedded operating system.
CDL Tools features an extension of the original eCos configtool to export models in an intermediate representation (IML) and a library to parse and analyze those intermediate models. CDL Tools is available on Google Code.

Binaries for the Clafer compiler (clafer), Alloy-based instance generator (ClaferIG), and Choco-based instance generator and multi-objective optimizer (chocosolver). The web tools (IDE, wiki, configurator, MOO visualizer) need to be installed from sources. Additionally, Clafer, ClaferIG, and ClaferWiki can now be installed directly from Hackage using Cabal or Stack. See the respective READMEs for instructions.

For best experience on desktop, we recommend using Sublime Text 3 and installing the ClaferToolsST.

Clafer Tools 0.4.5

This release includes the compiler and ClaferIG 0.4.5, and chocosolver 0.4.4.

JetBrains Meta-Programming System (MPS) support for Clafer.

ClaferMPS consists of two languages: Clafer and Architecture DSL, which extends Clafer in MPS.

For more information see README.

ECC fixer is a research prototype showing how to use the new fix generation technique developed by our lab to fix configuration errors in eCos/CDL configuration. Given an eCos configuration file (.ecc file), this tool automatically reports all errors in the configuration, and propose a list of fixes for each error. Alternatively, the user can specify an option name, and the tool will try to give a list of fixes for activating the option.

Ecore2Clafer is a small tool that translates Ecore meta-models to Clafer. It does not handle OCL constraints.

The Feature Modeling Plug-in (fmp) is an Eclipse plug-in for editing and configuring feature models. Fmp can be used standalone in Eclipse or together with fmp2rsm plug-in in Rational Software Modeler (RSM) or Rational Software Architect (RSA). fmp2rsm integrates fmp with RSM and enables product line modeling in UML.

FUDA Analyzer is an Eclipse plug-in that accepts traces stored in files by the FUDA Profiler, analyzes them automatically using the FUDA framework comprehension technique, and outputs the concept implementation templates.

FUDA Profiler is used to collect all interactions (calls and callbacks) between the application and the framework API when a concept of interest is invoked at runtime. The collected traces are then automatically analysed by the FUDA Analyzer to generate concept-implementation templates.

The Linux Variability Analysis Tools (LVAT) is a tool suite for analysing Kconfig models.

SPLOT is a collection of interactive online tools for editing, configuring, and analysing feature models. SPLOT is also a feature model repository.

Splot2Clafer is a small tool that translates files from SPLOT SXFM format to Clafer.

Web-Based Clafer Tools is a tool set that consists of three tools: ClaferIDE, ClaferConfigurator, ClaferMooVisualizer. All three share the same platform, but designed for different purposes.

Related publications: ClaferMooVisualizer and Clafer Tools.