Alexandr Murashkin, B.Sc.

Alexandr Murashkin
MMath Student
Email: amurashk@#REMOVEME#gsd#REMOVEME TOO#.uwaterloo(NONSENSE).ca
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Current Projects


Graduate Courses

CS 652: Real-Time Programming
CS 745: Computer-Aided Verification
CS 846: Advanced Topics in Software Engineering: Human Aspects of Software Engineering
CS 886: Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Applied Machine Learning


Murashkin, A., "Automotive Electronic/Electric Architecture Modeling, Design Exploration and Optimization using Clafer", School of Computer Science, vol. Master of Mathematics: University of Waterloo, 2014.
Murashkin, A., Analysis and Prediction of Application Categories on Online Application Stores, , no. GSDLAB-TR 2014-05-22, Waterloo, University of Waterloo, 2013.
Murashkin, A., Web-based GUI for Pareto front visualization and analysis, , no. GSDLAB-TR 2013-02-04, Waterloo, University of Waterloo, 2013.
Journal Article
Conference Paper
Murashkin, A., L S. Azevedo, J. Guo, E. Zulkoski, J. Liang, K. Czarnecki, and D. Parker, "Automated Decomposition and Allocation of Automotive Safety Integrity Levels Using Exact Solvers", SAE 2015 World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, Michigan, USA, SAE, 04/2015.