Web-based GUI for Pareto front visualization and analysis

TitleWeb-based GUI for Pareto front visualization and analysis
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMurashkin, A.
Document NumberGSDLAB-TR 2013-02-04
InstitutionUniversity of Waterloo
TypeTechnical Report
Report NumberGSDLAB-TR 2013-02-04

In product line development, there is a problem of discovering product configurations that are optimal with respect to set of objectives within a product family. There are tools that solve the problem, but in most cases there are multiple optimal product configurations, and there is room for innovation here regarding visualization, choosing a subset of optimal products, trade-off analysis and comparison of generated configurations. We propose a software tool - a GUI that visualizes the set of optimal products and offers certain visualization and human interaction techniques to accomplish these tasks. Our pilot evaluation of this tool has shown feasibility of the approach and given some directions of further research in this area.

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