Feature and Meta-Models in Clafer: Mixed, Specialized, and Coupled

TitleFeature and Meta-Models in Clafer: Mixed, Specialized, and Coupled
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBąk, K., K. Czarnecki, and A. Wąsowski
Conference Name3rd International Conference on Software Language Engineering
Date Published10/2010
Conference LocationEindhoven, The Netherlands

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Supporting Material

Document changelog (03-12-2010)

  • Fixed the telematics example. Not all intended configurations were previously available.
  • Updated architectural template section.

Document changelog (17-09-2010)

  • Extended and edited the Related Work section
  • Added Paper References to "On challenges of model transformation from UML to Alloy" (by Anastasakis et al.), and "S.P.L.O.T. - Software Product Lines Online Tools" (by Mendonca et al.)
  • Added link to online Clafer documentation (including metamodels, concrete and abstract syntax)
  • Fixed information about KM3 constraints
  • Other minor fixes and changes
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