ISSTA 2012 Supporting Material

This page provides supporting material for the paper Compliance Testing for Wrapper-based API Migration (pdf with minor fixes wrt. submitted manuscript), submitted to the International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA).


Here you can find the source code of (or instructions on how to find) the APIs, Wrappers and Applications used in the validation of Koloo.


  • XOM 1.2.1 (nu.xom) - Source at XOM's website (zip).
  • JDOM 1.1 (org.jdom) - Source at JDOM's Archive (zip).
  • BCEL 5.2 (org.apache.bcel) - Source at BCEL's website. Note that during the experiments we fixed the 3 bugs detailed bellow (and reproduced the behavior described as an enhancement proposal).
  • ASM 3.3.1 (org.objectweb.asm) - Source at ASM's website.
  • Swing 1.4 (java.awt, javax.swing, javax.accessibility) - Swing is a core Java API that comes with Java's J2SE. We used the source code from JDK 1.4.2_19, which can be found at Sun's Archive pages. You need to download the JDK and install it. The sources are found in a file on the installation directory.
  • SWT 3.3.2 (org.eclipse.swt) - SWT is an Eclipse project. We used the Linux GTK 64bit version found at Eclipse's Archives (zip).



  • Memoranda - We used version 1.0-RC3.1-20070407.
  • Quilt - We used version 0.6-a-5.
  • SwingSet2 - the source code for SwingSet2 is distributed together with Sun's JDKs. Just follow the same instructions above on how to get Swing and look under demo/jfc/SwingSet2/. Note that SwingSet2 uses the default (empty) package; we moved it to the swingset2 package.


Study Log

This Libre Office spreadsheet contains detailed logs of the violations found at each phase of the study, as well as tunings applied: Study Results.

XOM2JDOM Evolution

BCEL Bug Reports



bcel2asm Wrapper

SwingWT Evolution