fmp2rsmVerifier: Verifying Model Templates Against OCL Constraints Plug-in

fmp2rsmVerifier is a research prototype of a model template verifier plug-in for Eclipse/RSM. It verifiers if all instances of the model template (created in Rational Software Modeler using fmp2rsm plug-in) are correct with respect to the set of well-formedness rules. These rules are user-defined OCL invariants written with regards to target notation, in our case UML metamodel.

Current Version: 0.1.1 - research prototype

Project status: Completed

Team Members



Czarnecki, K., and K. Pietroszek, "Verifying feature-based model templates against well-formedness OCL constraints", 5th international conference on Generative programming and component engineering - GPCE '06, Portland, Oregon, USA, ACM Press, pp. 211, 2006. [pdf]