Feature Modeling and Feature-Based Model Templates demos

At OOPSLA'05 we presented a demo of our Eclipse plugins related to feature modeling (fmp) and model templates (fmp2rsm, fmp2rsmVerifier). Now we present the same demo as flash presentations.

The demo is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1: feature modeling and configuration. This part presents fmp [home] plug-in, modeling editor, feature configuration and choice propagation (1.1 Mb)
  • Part 2: model templates in Rational Software Modeler. This part presents fmp [home] and fmp2rsm [home] plug-ins, creation of model templates, synchronization of a feature model and template instantiation with respect to feature configuration. (3.3 Mb)
  • Part 3: verifying model templates (unavailable). This part presents fmp2rsmVerifier [home] plug-in which checks for existence of ill-structured template instances. The plug-in verifies if every instance satisfies a set of OCL invariants (0.5 Mb).