Supporting Different Process Views through a Shared Process Model

TitleSupporting Different Process Views through a Shared Process Model
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKuester, J., H. Voelzer, C. Favre, M. Branco, and K. Czarnecki
JournalSoftware and Systems Modeling

Different stakeholders in the Business Process Management (BPM) life cycle
benefit from having different views onto a particular process model. Each view
can show, and offer to change, the details relevant to the particular
stakeholder, leaving out the irrelevant ones. However, introducing different
views on a process model entails the problem to synchronize changes in case that
one view evolves. This problem is especially relevant and challenging for views
at different abstraction levels. In this paper, we propose a Shared
Process Model that provides different stakeholder views at different
abstraction levels and synchronizes changes made to any view. We present
detailed requirements and a solution design for the Shared Process Model. We
also present an overview of our prototypical implementation to demonstrate the
feasibility of the approach. Finally, we report on a comprehensive evaluation of
the approach on real Business-IT modeling scenarios.

Refereed DesignationRefereed