Matching Business Process Workflows Across Abstraction Levels

TitleMatching Business Process Workflows Across Abstraction Levels
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBranco, M., J. Troya, K. Czarnecki, J. M. Küster, and H. Völzer
Conference NameMODELS 2012
Conference LocationInnsbruck, Austria

In Business Process Modeling, several models are defined for the same system, supporting the transition from business requirements to IT implementations. Each of these models targets a different abstraction level and stakeholder perspective. In order to maintain consistency among these models, the correspondence between them has to be identified. A correspondence between process models establishes which activities in one model correspond to which activities in another model. This paper presents an algorithm for determining such correspondences. The algorithm is based on an empirical study of process models at a large company in the banking sector, which revealed frequent correspondence patterns between models spanning multiple abstraction levels. Compared to previous work, our algorithm can recover complex correspondences relating whole process fragments rather than just individual activities. We evaluate the algorithm on 26 pairs of business-technical and technical-IT level models from four real-world projects, achieving overall precision of 93% and recall of 70%.

Refereed DesignationRefereed