Visualization and Exploration of Optimal Variants in Product Line Engineering

TitleVisualization and Exploration of Optimal Variants in Product Line Engineering
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMurashkin, A., M. Antkiewicz, D. Rayside, and K. Czarnecki
Conference NameSoftware Product Line Conference
Conference LocationTokyo, Japan

The decision-making process in Product Line Engineering (PLE) is often concerned with variant qualities such as cost, battery life, or security. Pareto-optimal variants, with respect to a set of objectives such as minimizing a variant's cost
while maximizing battery life and security, are variants in which no single quality can be improved without sacrificing other qualities. We propose a novel method and a tool for visualization and exploration of a multi-dimensional space of optimal variants (i.e., a Pareto front). The visualization method is an integrated, interactive, and synchronized set of complementary views onto a Pareto front specifically designed to support PLE scenarios, including: understanding differences among variants and their positioning with respect to quality dimensions; solving trade-offs; selecting the most desirable variants; and understanding the impact of changes during product line evolution on a variant's qualities. We present an initial experimental evaluation showing that the visualization method is a good basis for supporting these PLE scenarios.

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