Modeling Variation Space of Tailored Messages

Persuasive technology is a growing field of research that should be able to change both the way we interact with computers, mobiles and electronic systems in general, as well as influence changes to our lifestyle. Persuasive technology in healthcare, for example, is believed to have a great potential to radically change behavior of patients towards prevention and treatment, as well as access to information.

In this work, we present how feature modeling can be used to formalize the user and message models of tailored messages. Furthermore, we present Clafer, a notation for representing these models, which which can be used to create an interpreter to generate personalized messages given any user and document model. We will also present an instance of the user and document models based on data that will be provided to us. Finally, we describe how to easily build a proof of concept tool that allows automatic generation of tailored messages given a user and document model, using existing infrastructure.

Project report [PDF]

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