fmp 0.7.0

Please note that fmp 0.7.0 is still in development. The constraint checking in the Constraints View is highly experimental. It’s results should be correct when features are optional or mandatory, features groups are restricted to or-groups <1-k>, and xor-groups <1-1>. Feature cardinalities are not supported and untested at the moment.


New Features

  • New, more robust and featureful constraint view.
  • Constraints are shown for the feature hierarchy in addition to additional constraints.
  • When a configuration is selected in the feature model editor, the constraints are evaluated and the status of each constraint is shown (ie. satisfied or not satisfied).
  • Support for arbitrary propositional formulas when writing additional constraints. NOTE: constraints are written using node Id instead of an XPath expression. However, feature models created using fmp 0.6.6 are compatible, but will require re-writing the constraints using the new grammar. See below for examples.
  • Ability to view Node Ids next to feature names in the feature model.
  • Constraint input validation.
  • Constraint resolution. An unsatisfied constraint can be resolved in a configuration by right-clicking and selecting ‘Resolve Constraint’.

Known Issues

  • Issues with Linux. Configuration crashes with JavaBDD errors occasionally.
  • Configuration is unpredictable. The current configurator has issues synchronizing its implementation with the actual feature model / configuration shown in the FMP Editor.
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