XPath 2.0 Constraints

Use node Ids to refer to elements in the feature model. Ids are unique within a feature diagram (i.e., the subtree of a root feature).

f1 requires f2 := if (//f1) then (//f2) else true();

or using our syntactic sugar: (//f1) -> (//f2);

f1 excludes f2 := if (//f1) then not (//f2) else true();

New Model Wizard

Direct (in-place) Edit in modeling, configuration and Properties View

Use Dbl-left-click or space on a tree item to enter in-place editor.

Feature Comaprison View

Expand Subtree Action

Shortcut: <ALT>+<down arrow>

Synchronize Action

Extensible Metamodel as a Feature Model

Show/Hide Unused Metamodel Extensions

Navigation in configuration hierarchy (Go Home, Go Into, Go Back actions)

Unfold Reference action

The action can be used both in the model and in the configuration.

External references (via Load Resource... action)

Cloning with dbl-left-click in configuration

Features implemented in 0.5.2, but no longer implemented in 0.6.6:

  • improved drag & drop support (setting Reference by drag & dropping RootFeature, setting Reference Attribute's type and value by drag & dropping a feature, drag & drop between feature models) ,
  • configuration wizard,
  • full XML export,
  • simple XML export of configurations,
  • XML export/import (simple),
  • Convert To Root Feature, Unfold and Clone actions,
  • no "new child" actions in configuration & specialization diagrams.
  • Feature Modeling Plugin Guide in Help
  • "Configuration" pane in editor,