Recent News

by Leonardo Passos on May 5, 2013

Our paper describing SmartFixer, a novel approach based on self-adaptive priorities for configuring variability-aware systems, has been accept for publication at SPLC'13, and will be presented in Tokyo next August.

by Michal Antkiewicz on April 14, 2013

Clafer Tools 0.3.2 is a simultaneous release of the Clafer


The binary distributions of the compiler and instance generator are available for download. The other tools are either in Python or JavaScript and do not require binary builds-they can be installed by downloading from the source code repositories.

The following are links to public live demo installations of

by Moisés Almeida Castelo Branco on January 31, 2013

Organizations that adopt process modeling often maintain several co-existing models of the same business process. These models target different abstraction levels and stakeholder perspectives. Maintaining consistency among these models has become a major challenge for such organizations. Although several academic works have discussed this challenge, little empirical investigation exists on how people perform process model consistency management in practice.

by Kacper Bąk on January 24, 2013

Our paper presenting an approach that systematically uses explicit examples for eliciting, modeling, verifying, and validating complex business knowledge has been accepted at NIER track at ICSE'13 and will be presented in San Francisco next May.

by Leonardo Passos on December 22, 2012

Our paper describing our vision of feature-oriented software evolution has been accepted at VaMoS 2013 and will be presented in Italy next January.

by Michal Antkiewicz on October 17, 2012

Clafer Tools 0.3.1 is a simultaneous release of the Clafer compiler, instance generator, multi-objective optimizer, and wiki projects.

The binary distributions of the tools are available for download. Currenlty, ClaferWiki is not available in binary form but it is also included in the package. See installation.

We have also created a public demo installation of ClaferWiki called Clafer Model Wiki, which contains a few small and large example models that demonstrate the features of the wiki. Feel free to sign up and experiment with it.

by Rafael Lotufo on October 2, 2012

Our paper on bug report summarization has won the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Software Maintenance, Riva del Garda, Italy, September 23rd - 30th, 2012. The, titled "Modelling the ‘Hurried’ Bug Report Reading Process to Summarize Bug Reports" was singled out from 181 submissions.

by Moisés Almeida Castelo Branco on June 15, 2012
by Kacper Bąk on February 16, 2012

Clafer has become one of the major projects in our lab. It is growing much faster than I ever expected. More and more people are involved in the project or work on its applications. We have been progressing in the following areas:

Language Design and Tools

  • Translator - many bugs got fixed in the Clafer translator and the language includes more and more constructions that support lightweight modeling.
by Zinovy Diskin on February 4, 2012

ETAPS is an umbrella venue for several established conferences and workshops. This year we have three contributions to ETAPS:
= Our paper Intermodeling, queries, and Kleisli categories will be presented at FASE'12
= Zinovy will deliver an invited talk Category Theory and Model-Driven Engineering: From Formal Semantics to Design Patterns and Beyond at the ACCAT'12 Workshop