Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, 11th International Conference, MoDELS 2008, Toulouse, France, September/October 2008, Proceedings

TitleModel Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, 11th International Conference, MoDELS 2008, Toulouse, France, September/October 2008, Proceedings
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsCzarnecki, K., I. Ober, J-M. Bruel, A. Uhl, and M. Völter
Conference NameLecture Notes in Computer Science
Conference LocationBerlin, Heidelberg
ISBN Number978-3-540-87874-2

MODELS 2008 was the 11th edition of the series of conferences on
Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems. The conference was
held in Toulouse, France, during the week of September 28 to October
3, 2008. The local arrange- ments were provided by the Institut de
Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT).

The conference program included three keynote presentations, technical
pa- per presentations, two panels, and several workshops and
tutorials. The invited keynote speakers were Don Batory (University of
Texas, USA), Jeff Kramer (Imperial College London, UK), and Patrick
Rauhut (Airbus, Germany).

This volume contains the final versions of the papers accepted for
presentation at the conference. The papers cover a wide range of
topics from the field including model transformation, model
management, domain-specific modeling, modeling language semantics,
model analysis, and applications.

We received a record number of 271 full paper submissions from 40
different countries. Of these, 43 papers were submitted by authors from
more than one country. The top three countries submitting papers were
France (40), Germany (38), and Canada (24). A total of 58 papers were
accepted for inclusion in the proceedings. The acceptance rate was
therefore 21%, which is somewhat lower than those of the previous
MODELS conferences.

At least three Program Committee or Expert Reviewer Panel members
reviewed each paper. Reviewing was thorough, and most authors received
detailed comments on their submissions. Conflicts of interest were
taken very seriously. No-one participated in any way in the decision
process of any paper where a con- flict of interest was identified. In
particular, PC members who submitted papers did not have access to
information concerning the reviews of their papers.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted papers as well as
proposals for workshops and tutorials. We would also like to thank the
large number of volunteers who contributed to the success of the
conference. Richard van de Stadt deserves special thanks for his
prompt and gracious service in supporting special requests for
CyberChairPRO, the conference management system used to manage papers
submissions and the virtual PC meeting. Finally, we would like to
thank our sponsors, ACM and IEEE Computer Society, for their support
of the MODELS 2008 conference.