Coaching a Soccer Simulation Team in RoboCup Environment

TitleCoaching a Soccer Simulation Team in RoboCup Environment
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsHabibi, J., E. Chiniforooshan, A. Heydarnoori, M. Mirzazadeh, M. Safari, and H. Younesy
Conference Name1st EurAsian Conference on Advances in Information and Communication Technology
Series TitleLecture Notes in Computer Science
Date Published10/2002
Conference LocationShiraz, Iran

Constructing soccer robots is an attempt in development of AI researches, done by defining a standard problem and solving it by many researchers all over the world. In this field, every year a formal federation holds international competitions, called RoboCup. The Simulation League is one of the branches of the RoboCup. We have designed and implemented an online coach for a soccer simulation team, which is able to analyze the simulated match similar to a coach in a real football match, and sends commands to the players to improve their behaviors and get a better result from the match process. This coach is able to exchange the roles between players during the match. Also, it has the capability of recognizing the opponent formation and improving the playing style of the team. This coach got the 1st place of Seattle'2001 RoboCup world championship in the field of online coaches.

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