Essentials of the 4th UML/MoDELS Workshop in Software Model Engineering (WiSME’2005)

TitleEssentials of the 4th UML/MoDELS Workshop in Software Model Engineering (WiSME’2005)
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsCzarnecki, K., J-M. Favre, M. Gogolla, and T. Mens
EditorBruel, J-M.
Book TitleSatellite Events at the MoDELS 2005 Conference
Series TitleLecture Notes in Computer Science
Pagination151 - 158
ISBN Number978-3-540-31780-7

Model-Driven Engineering is a form of generative engineering, by which all or at least central parts of a software application are generated from models. Model Driven Engineering should be seen as an integrative approach combining existing software engineering techniques (e.g., testing and refinement) and technical spaces (e.g., ’ModelWare’, ’XmlWare’) that have usually been studied in separation. The goal of the workshop is to improve common understanding of these techniques across technical spaces and create bridges and increase the synergies among the spaces. This year’s WiSME workshop will concentrate on two complementing themes: Bridging Technical Spaces and Model-Driven Evolution. This paper reports on a workshop held at the 8th UML/MoDELS conference. It describes motivation and aims, organisational issues, and abstracts of the accepted papers.