Waterloo Autonomoose team delivers a successful autonomous car demonstration at CES 2017

GSD Lab members (from Autonomoose Team) were involved in the successful Renesas autonomous car demonstration at CES 2017.

  • Renesas provided the Lincoln MKZ car and their computing hardware (RDrive and R-Car chips).
  • Autonomoose Team created the autonomy stack software.
  • BlackBerry QNX AVIC provided the QNX real-time operating system.

The demonstration ran every 15 minutes for four straight days (Jan 05-08) for approx. 9 hours per day. The car was driving a few scenarios on a closed loop track on CES parking lot, including interaction with another car via V2V radio, interaction with a traffic light via V2I radio, handling stop sign and yielding to oncoming traffic. The implementation featured tripple hardware redundancy for control and the demo showcased fail-operation after simulated failure of one control node (node went silent) as well as fail-operation after a simulated cyber security attack which injected spurious control messages.