Waterloo Team Wins the Main and Application Tracks of SAT Competition 2016

Two solvers by a University of Waterloo team Jia Hui (Jimmy) Liang, Chanseok Oh, Vijay Ganesh, Krzysztof Czarnecki, and Pascal Poupart received the first prizes in two tracks of the SAT Competition 2016.

Congratulations to our Ph.D. student Jia Hui (Jimmy) Liang and prof. Krzysztof Czarnecki!

The solver called "MapleCOMSPS" won the main track and placed second in the application track, whereas the solver called "MapleCOMSPS_LRB" won the application track. For more information about the solvers, visit MapleSAT website.

For more details about the competition, see The Results of SAT Competition 2016.