Clafer News

We have been working very intensively on Clafer in the last couple of months.
The Clafer translator got updated to version 0.1, which brought a few extensions to the language and changes to syntax. If you play with the online translator, you will notice that the translator can output models in several new formats:

  • XML format with intermediate representation (IR) of the model. IR allows to combine the Clafer translator with other tools that further process Clafer models.
  • Alloy 4.2 format,
  • desugared Clafer model, i.e. model with resolved names, default values, etc.,

We are also writing documentation and tutorials. The process is very incremental, but feel free to check out the Clafer by Examples tutorial. Finally, we are defining Clafer's formal semantics to describe the language in terms of well-studies mathematical concepts.