fmp 0.7.0 Development Release

New Features

  • New, more robust and featureful constraint view.
  • Constraints are shown for the feature hierarchy in addition to additional constraints.
  • When a configuration is selected in the feature model editor, the constraints are evaluated and the status of each constraint is shown (ie. satisfied or not satisfied).
  • Support for arbitrary propositional formulas when writing additional constraints. NOTE: constraints are written using node Id instead of an XPath expression. However, feature models created using fmp 0.6.6 are compatible, but will require re-writing the constraints using the new grammar. See #TODO for examples.
  • Ability to view Node Ids next to feature names in the feature model. See Screenshot #X.
  • Constraint input validation.
  • Constraint resolution. An unsatisfied constraint can be resolved in a configuration by right-clicking and selecting 'Resolve Constraint'.

Known Issues

  • Issues with Linux. Configuration crashes with JavaBDD errors occasionally.
  • Configuration is unpredictable. The current configurator has issues synchronizing its implementation with the actual feature model / configuration shown in the FMP Editor.



  • Constraints: Steven She
  • FMP Editor: Michal Antkiewicz
See for contact information.