Clafer Model Repository

Important information: Models on this page do not work with the current Clafer Tools because of the changes to Clafer syntax:

  • Negation ~ should be changed to !
  • Equality == should be changed to =
  • If-then-else a => b else c should be changed to if a then b else c
  • In-line Comments -- should be changed to //
  • Block Comments {- -} should be changed to /* */
  • Identifiers cannot begin with _ anymore
  • Constraints with isSubstring are not supported in the compiler; however, the Choco3-based backend implements them

These models should be regenerated after the translators to Clafer are fixed to support the current syntax. We invite contributors to help update the tooling.

The current version of the Linux kernel model in Clafer can be found on Kacper's Thesis Page

Please consult Clafer documentation if you want to learn more about the language.

eCos eCos is a configurable real-time operating system. The zip file provides 116 Clafer models intended for various architectures.
Linux Kernel v2.6.32 The archive contains Boolean feature model of the Linux Kernel v2.6.32 for the i386 architecture

See the Feature Models in the Wild project for more information on these models.