See also a tool demonstration.

1. Open Navigator view.

Window->Show View->Other...->Basic->Navigator

2. Create new project. Simple->Project.

3. Import the downloaded eShop example.

Import->Zip File online-B2C-solutionExample.zip

4. Open 'online-B2C-solution.fmp' feature model.

5. The root element named 'online-B2C-solution.emx' indicates that this feature model is linked with 'online-B2C-solution.emx' UML model. Use <Alt + <Down Arrow>> on the root node to fully expand the model.

6. Open model template. Model template is a UML model with variability annotations which describes a family of systems.

7. Create configuration of eCommerce root feature.

8. Inside Configuration 1 of eCommerce select the following features:
Registered, Multilevel, Electronic Goods, and Wishlists.

9. Create template instance for given configuration. This removes parts of the model template whose presence conditions (expressed over features) evaluate to false.

10. The resulting UML model describes a single product as specified by feature configuration. Use Save As... to preserve the result without overwriting original model template.

online-B2C-solutionExample.zip40.61 KB