Dr. Thorsten Berger, Assistant Professor, Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Variability-Analysis Tools


Ecosystem-Mining Tools

  • Ecosystem analysis: tools and datasets to analyze variability mechanisms and artifacts in Debian, Eclipse, and Android (joint work with Rolf-Helge Pfeiffer, Reinhard Tartler, and Steffen Dienst); for the Android analysis, also see a technical note

Requirements-Engineering Tools

  • Swore2RIF: transformation tool that converts requirements in the ’Swore’ ontology format into the requirements-interchange format (RIF); not an open-source tool

E-Assessment Tools

  • elateXam eAssessment tool used at the University of Leipzig (elateXam is the successor of ExamServer from the elatePortal project, now further developed and maintained by Steffen Dienst)
  • elatePortal: eAssessment software for electronic exams, including a lightweight exam server, a full-featured portal (based on Apache Jetspeed2), and a flexible eAssessment framework ("tasklet" container), founder and main developer
  • Elques/Onyx: an IMS QTI-compatible editor, previous developer
  • UebMan: Übungsbetriebs-Manager, tool to handle online assignments, including corrector workflow support, founder

Undergraduate Student Projects

  • Seagull Swarm Simulation: 'boids' swarm intelligence with some nice graphical effects in OpenGL, part of an OpenGL course at University of Leipzig
  • JHPetri: graphical editor and simulator of hierarchical petri nets